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I just *love* productive meetings.... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

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Previous Entry I just *love* productive meetings.... Sep. 19th, 2007 @ 12:58 pm Next Entry
This is gonna be very stream of consciousness, since I'm in a meeting. :grin: It's not an important one - just one for the Financial (un)Advisor (late, as usual) to be able to hit us with an extra fee - we're going over the 6-month financials and Amended CA return (#4, I think - I've lost count! The bank has screwed this up So Much it isn't even funny......)

After careful examination (read: poking and prodding :lol:), it has been determined that my wrist is not, in fact, broken. I can't explain the swelling and numbness, but at least I have managed to make it almost a full year without an official break. (Break out the booze, Edna - we need to party! :grin:) It's swollen so badly I had to remove my ring this morning - it was cutting off the circulation :blink:. *That's* never happened before - even with a break!

I can't see that it's the knitting - yes, I've knocked out 4.5 wash cloths in the past week, but they're on sz 8s, and go quickly (92-ish rows don't take that long). Herself's fox is on 15s and 10.5s....and I haven't done much with it lately. :ponders: Haven't done hardly any spinning - besides, my left hand is the forward hand, and doesn't do much - it has to be the grain. :sigh: Gotta come up with some other way to refill the barrels......

I talked to my aunt last night - *that* was a mistake. They'd been married 50 years.......I bawled the whole way home. I know what she's facing.....pretty much.....and it's not easy. (There I go again......gotta change the subject!) Ummm.....

The spiders are gonna eat me today, I just know it. I found the "secret" chocolate stash co-worker "hid" in the file room.......being guarded by a small 8-legged gestapo agent. I can't get away from them! :snicker: I blasted him into oblivion with my shoe - causing all the dogs (= office mascots, I guess. Wonder if the managment would ban them if I brought Zoey up here one day? :grin:) to go nuts.

It's State Fair season - it starts next week. I need to find out when the kids are off, and see about maybe taking them this year - they've never been. Gotta find someone to go with, though - I can't keep up with both of them on the Midway by myself. (I know my limits! :grin:) Even if I can't, I'll take the day off anyway......it ALWAYS rains during the fair, which is good sleeping weather. :grin:

I was up until 10:30 last night. I should have given up and worked on the loom.....but I didn't. I'll do that tonight, since I can forsee it happening again. :sigh: Hey - maybe I'll be able to thread the heddles this weekend....and start weaving! I need to get back to weaving......plus, I still have that scarf commission to knock out. The allergy meds have quit working (figures - that's the norm with me. A med will work for maybe 1 week, then just quit. Pain meds last maybe 2 days.....fun stuff!)

Got a demo next weekend at the County-wide Archeological Fair (we're the "Living History" portion of the Fair :grin:) 7 hours of spinning.....I can do that! :grin: Then I get a weekend off, and it's off to Bedford for the Celtic Festival - *2* days of spinning fun. Whee! Then....nothing until March. As far as I know, anyway. (There is at least 1 more Festival....but I can't see how to budget for it this close to time. Maybe next year..... If I do that Fest, I can't take the kids to NASA 1 more time this year.....and that is NOT to be bourne! :grin:)

Finally was able to nail down a concept drawing for my bathroom. It's rough, but I can *see* it now. Need to work out the background a bit, then I can buy more paint and jump in. :grin:

Found out last night that the original property owner has moved out, as of yesterday..I *never* thought she would move - she told me she was gonna die there. :blink: Her kids ganged up on her and forced her into it.....and she's not really happy, or so I hear. Not sure how I feel about this.....

This has to be the most boring meeting......ever. I'm over here, listening, and twiddling my thumbs (and writing this :grin:)..and staving. It's now 12:35.....:sigh:

The meeting is just now wrapping up...so I'll post this quickly. I am BORED. And Hungry.....
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