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Funny thing happened at Guild last night....

yeah, I'm chatty today. Oh, well....:grin:

Somehow or the other, we got to talking about kilts. Men In Kilts, to be exact. Now, I've made NO secret about how I feel about Men in Kilts (see icon - Yum! :grin:)....I like 'em. I especially like it when they walk away...:evil grin:

There was a new-ish lady there (I think she was there last week, but I wasn't), and she had the most surprised look on her face the entire conversation. Ah, well......if she doesn't like kilts, that's fine - I'll watch 'em for her. :grin:

There's just something about a well-fitted kilt......any gent who's wearing one is more manly, masculine....BUT, only if he's comfortable in it. Too many guys wear one because they know women like them (I am NOT naming names here, nosireebob!), but they really have no clue. They are self-conscious...and that is HIGHLY unattractive.

Damn - now I gotta go dig out Rob Roy or Braveheart......:grin:
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