Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I'm beginning to think...

that this is a conspiracy. OR that my daycare hates me now :grin:....

Yes, there was another, slightly larger, much icky-er looking 8-legged THING in the barn this morning. Oh, my children thought it was a riot - "Gee, mom, come look at the...the....STARFISH! :giggle giggle giggle:" Right. And I was born yesterday.

I didn't even make it into the room - I stood at the doorway (blocking it) and told the kids to come to ME for of the 6th grade boys shook his head (in disgust at my hysterics, I assume) and gamely tried to catch the blasted thing (why don't they want to stomp it? I thought you guys liked watching things go 'splat'!?? Just because it was slightly smaller than Delaware....).....he scooped it into a styrofoam bowl.....which it then proceeded to try and JUMP out of. :shudder: He slapped a plate over it, and took it (rather quickly, I noticed) outside, where I assume he set it free to come back and get me tomorrow.

I met the daycare owner as I was headed out. "Hey" I said, "If ya'll don't want me to walk my kids to the barn anymore, just tell me - I can take it! Honest - you DON'T have to sic your Ninja Spiders on me, y'know - my feelings won't be hurt at all! I can say goodbye here in the office just as well as in the barn...."

She is apparantly not quite as bad as me.....her eyes got big and she said "Spider? How Big???" and....I showed her. She has declared war on them, as well......:grin: Thing is, she likes the "garden" spiders.....I think there's medication for that....

We will be stopping at the store tonight (after meet Himself's teacher....I am NOT looking forward to this, as she has already indicated a complete lack of comprehension on how to deal with him....AFTER I told her to toss Legos his way, or give him extra (more difficult work) and he'd be fine. :sigh:) to pick up the most toxic 8-legged demon killer on the market. Then, I'll dig thru the stash to find the proper yarn to whip up a leg-holster for it (don't laugh - there are knitted wine bottle cozies out there that should be easy to modify......the question is, will I really take the time? :grin:) - have to figure out how to modify it for speed-draw.....:grin:

In other news, I am wearing my Green Birk Horse clogs today - they make me absurdly happy. :grin: Every time I glance at my feet, I can't help but grin at the silly horse face on the right foot, or the silly horse butt on the left. :lol:

I am also amused at my new ringtone......."We are the Pirates who don't do anything" from VeggieTales. :snicker:

I need to tend to some emails....:grin:

ETA: Just got notification that.....something I ordered has shipped! :grin: This is good news....faster than I expected!
Tags: blather, country life

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