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It's Friday!!!

Huzzah - AND there were no 8-legged ninjas this morning at the daycare (I'll count that as a Win). They must have seen me coming with the can of Raid (tm) - just don't tell them I can't actually *use* it - it'd set off Himself's asthma. :grin:

I have many concerns about the quality of my children's education. Last night was "Meet the Teacher" at Himself's school. No biggie - I'd already done that the Friday before school actually started, but I like to go and make sure we're still on the same page. His teacher, who I will call "Ms. Irish" - because she is - is a very sweet, very smart lady. She told me that he had not done his homework in 3 days; she got my note explaining that, well, he didn't HAVE any homework in his bag, thankssomuch, so she went spelunking in his desk....that is one VERY brave woman!

Turns out, his desk "eats" homework. So, Ms. Irish told him yesterday "Since you've been playing all morning, and not doing your homework, you can go to the principal's office and do your homework while the rest of us have recess." He went, he did the work, and, to quote her, "He came back a changed man" :heh: He even apologized to her for "disrupting the class". :snicker:

I'm tellin' ya, he's not repentant - he's hitting her with that good ol' Scottish charm.....and, even at 7, he's a MASTER at it. :snicker:

We then went to the "Computer Lab".....I worry about this. I mean, the teacher couldn't find the icon to take you to the website...then she couldn't figure out how to log in....AND she kept assuming no one had a clue what a computer WAS, let alone how to use it. :blink: I finally shoved to the front, clicked the HIGHLY NOTICABLE icon, and got himself all signed in. "OH!" she exclaimed "You must have used a computer before!" Erm......yea. Some. :sigh: I smiled and said "Yea - it's my JOB. And we have DSL at home." The blank look on her face convinced me to just....drop it. :shakes head:

Busy weekend planned - lots of fun, with good company. Can't wait! :grin:
Tonight is the start of Yom Kippur - Judgement Day.
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