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Busy weekend... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Busy weekend...

Previous Entry Busy weekend... Sep. 24th, 2007 @ 04:31 am Next Entry
Took the kids (and Mom) to see "The Lion King" at the Music Hall on Saturday. Fun, Fun, FUN, even if I did get lost and ended up driving *thru* the State Fair Grounds trying to get to the stupid parking lot. :grin: Himself declared, after the 4th scene or so "Hmph. The Movie's Better." He persisted in this all the way thru the intermission.....but the minute the lights started dimming, he was back in my lap (he's got a bony li'l butt...) straining to see the birds. :grin:

We sat in the parking lot for....20 minutes? 30? Waiting to get to someplace we could actually..y'know...DRIVE. Once I got back on the road, it was smooth sailing home..which was :gasp: CLEAN.

A friend came over while we were out and shoveled out the living room. :blink: I realize it won't last, but it looks so nice and shiny right now - I even have a coffee table again! I give it.....a week, at most, before the li'l terrors have it back like it was. :grin:

Yesterday was a stay-home day. I'm back to not sleeping again (no clue, really, as to why), and was not really in any mood to socialize. So, we watched Firefly. All Day Long. :grin:

I did get some knitting time in - I started, and Finished!, the "Jayne Hat" from Firefly. I did cheat - I bought a kit from Heather, so I wouldn't have to scrounge up the proper yarns. SUPER fast knit, even for my wonky-wrist, (Brown Sheep's Super Bulky on sz 10.5's) and now my sweet geek has a cool hat. (Pics of the hat later - I gotta find the camera, first) Need to find other projects that'll go this quick....Instant Gratification, that's Me! :lol:

I need to go rustle up some breakfast...
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