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My life is a soap opera...

you know, you can't make shit like this up. Really, you can't.

First up - we are all FINE. No one is hurt - this is just a story I gotta share, because no one will believe it. :grin: OK? OK....

Kids got up happy this morning. It's probably the fact that I discovered that the words "I like donuts. Really like donuts. Really like donuts - I need them now" scans perfectly to the Star Wars Main Theme. ( does! Ask Himself...:grin:) Happy breakfast, happy trip to daycare....where we are greeted with a very concerned office worker.

She got the kids to go up to the tractor...and told me that the ER had lost a convict, and the police have cordoned off our area. :sheesh!: (The hospital is Right Across the freeway from the daycare. And the freeway is Dead most of the time there - it's an offshoot leading to Canton, and right there is very little activity.)

There are 2 deputies up the road from us, blocking the courthouse, 1 more in the parking lot across the street from us, and 2 doing random patrols around the area. Fun stuff!

So, the kids stay in the well-lit courtyard. LM's dad bugged out...y'know, for being ex-military, he's kinda a wimp. :shrug: Anyway, since I was the only other adult there, I got drafted to check out the coop and barn.

See.....the 2 outbuildings are NOT locked at night. Due to the fact that the lady that opens up in the morning is consistantly LATE, and parents can't wait until 6:30 or later to drop off their kids. We just pop 'em over the fence and keep rolling. So.....nice place to hide out, wouldn't you say?

Daycare lady and I checked out the 2 buildings - all clear. We both figure that IF the guy came here, he's camped out in the playground area, and will make a break for it when more parents show up. (No worries - I had a set of size 4 DPNs that are sharp and pointy...metal would have been nicer, but you work with what you've got. I've punctured myself numerous times with them...:grin:)

So...I get in the truck and head out...only to be flashed by a cop on the freeway entrance (I guess to make sure no one was in the truck with me - he's lucky I didn't rear-end the car in front of me). No biggie - I'm on the road, and rolling, and things are "normal"...yes?

Only, no - right as I get to the 635 interchange, 20 (no I'm not exagerrating) cops go screaming past (going the opposite direction) and 3 more scream past me, turn around and join in the fun.

At that point, I almost decided to just give up and go telling *what's* going to happen today! :grin:

I got a couple of pics of the Jayne hat...I'm gonna try to upload them in a minute or so. Depends on when the bosslady gets here....
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