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Demo Checklist...

Mmmmm, the pool was wonderful last night - not too cold. A little nippy, but not too cold to enjoy. It's probably one of the last times we'll be able to use it this year - it was loverly! :grin:

I need to get my checklist out for tomorrow's demo. *I* am not driving, so I gotta make sure I have only what I need:

Wheel (must wax it tonight!)
Extra driveband string (just replaced it, but gotta be prepared)
Oil bottle
Wool - at *least* 2 pounds (probably won't spin it all up, but, again - must be prepared)
Business Cards
Lazy kate
Extra bobbins
Couple of handspindles

This demo is odd for me, since I am not the only one demoing this time. I'm used to doing it all myself - this will be fun. :grin: Especially if anyone brings fleece for sale.....:bounce:
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