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Weekend recap


Previous Entry Weekend recap Oct. 1st, 2007 @ 04:29 am Next Entry
Busy, busy busy. Oh, wait - I need to do a *real* recap. :grin:

Saturday was the demo at the Poor Farm. And poor it was - *we* had a good turn out; 2 spinners, 3 knitters, and 1 needle-felter. Customers, not so much. I did get an almost full bobbin spun (of froghair, so it wasn't a wasted day :grin:) and lots of good companionship abounded.

It was bloody hot, though - our "tent" was...very small. 8x8, maybe - one of our members had brought an EZup, so we set it up for the extra space (we needed it!). We were in a good spot, but the sun.....Hot, Hot, HOT. We were right by the "stage", so we had a front row seat for all the square-dancing ('nuff said), the Cowboy re-enactors (I think they were SASS, but not sure), and "story-tellers". Interesting day...:grin:

My sweet geek got there at 2, so I left early. :grin:

Sunday was Herself's first Communion. It was also a congregational meeting....(Where else in this world can you have a congregational meeting where the words "Bull Semen" and Communion are mentioned in the same conversation? I'm curious....) very busy, but good. No sermon notes (I was distracted - did I mention "bull semen"? :grin:), but Pastor made a slightly big deal about the 5 kids who's day it was. Nice reception afterwards - then the family went home (we had guests - Herself loved it!) to Pizza and visiting. And the last of the Firefly episodes (gotta start over, is all...:grin:)

Himself spent most of church in a jealous snit...he DID get over it by the time we got home. (thankfully!) *I* got to hold 2 babies - got *that* outta my system, thankyouverymuch! (I have 2, don't NEED another, don't WANT another - want my 2 grown. Babies are sweet - when they belong to someone else! :grin: Besides, the thought of another genius child like the 2 I already have...:shudder:)

Busy weekend....and next week will be just as. And the week after. I'm thinking that the last weekend of October will be veg-weekend....we'll see. :grin:
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