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:yawn: Is it 4, yet?

I am BORED. Bored, bored, bored. I have almost finished the cuff on glove #2, and I'm only working on it sporadically. I am *so* tired right now.....3 large teas later, and I'm *still* yawning my way thru the day.

I have *no* contract work to do, I have no "normal" work to do - I got about 3 months ahead a few weeks ago, when Ms. boss was up here All.Freaking.Week....:yawn:

I have pencilled in a nap for Saturday....we'll see if I managed to acheive it. :grin:

Tonight's plan: Laundry, and measuring the warp for at least 1 scarf. Bonus points if I can get the Structo warped up - scarves don't take much (6 EPI, at 5.5" wide = 33 ends to thread. 36 if I go to 6"....hmmmmmmmmmm), and weave off pretty quickly. Dinner? What's that? :grin:

Tomorrow is Guild, and Wednesday is Choir practise. Thursday is catch-up, Friday is the Sabbath meal, so no doing no work after that. Fun, full week!

At some point soon, I need to buy some silk thread to ply with my "Wild Wines" single I spun from some of huaman's rovings......that is destined to be a shawl, I think. I have the pattern...just need the yarn. :grin:

Next up...well, I have 2 spinning projects lined up. Laceweight Icelandic, and green superwash. Not together :grin: - the Icelandic for a shawl (I think...we'll see how it spins up), the green for...well, something else. Not for me. :grin: I have plans and plots, I do.....:whistles innocently: I have a pound of the'll be more than enough. I have a full fleece of the Icelandic - *definately* more than enough.

I need to get back on the Wool Peddler's shawl.....I have until March (self-imposed deadline) but I'd like to get it done NOW. Just....not motivated to knit purple yarn right now. :grin: Also need to finish my Cherry Tree Hill yarn sweater.....some year. :snicker: Project fidelity? Whazzat? :grin:

ALSO need to get cracking on this year's mitten collection. Mine have vanished; Himself has outgrown his. Herself's still fit (and I know where *they* are), so she's OK.....I might do a full pair of gloves this year for me instead of mittens....we'll see.

Maybe I'll get in bed by 8 tonight.....(doubtful..but one can hope!)
Tags: blather, knitting, spinning, weaving

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