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I'm bored....

It's just me today, and I am Bored, BORed, BORED. At least I have my knitting and a book.....

Got the Structo warped up last night - baby blue wool, 6 EPI, 5" wide in the reed. Wove about 8 picks - it looks nice. I need to do something about the tension, but it is weaving up loverly. Should have a nice drape to it.

It looks like I can get 1 scarf out of each skein - IF I calculated the weft requirements correctly. Not bad - each skein was $3, so.......$3 cost per scarf = good sized profit, yes? :grin:

We haven't discussed price - I find it VERY hard to price my handmade stuffs. I think, since I am doing these for the church handy-man, that I will ask him to modify the treadle stand as payment - I'm tired of the loom rocking as I weave. *I* can't do the work, he can - sounds like a trade to *me*. I love weaving - and, again, at $3/scarf, I'm not out much. (3 scarves = $9 outlay. Not bad for a bunch of weaving fun, huh? :grin:) (It was supposed to be 4 scarves, but 1 granddaughter has been....disowned is a bad word, but he's thouroughly PISSED at her for dropping out of college. He won't even MENTION, yeah. I have red and black yarn ready for a Texas Tech scarf....I'll go ahead and weave it, and find someone ELSE to gift it to. :grin:)

Guild tonight - I have the Norwegian all ready to go; the Louet is coming to, just in case we get newbies. I'd LIKE to haul the warping board in, and wind some warps, It took all of 10 minutes last night, so it's not a big deal - I can do that when I get home tomorrow or Thursday.

Choir practise tomorrow - whee! I *also* have a lunch date to look forward to....should be fun. :cheshire cat grin: Tomorrow looks to be MUCH more interesting than today, that's for sure.

At least I'm getting a lot of knitting and reading done....(yes, I can knit and read at the same time - turning pages is a bit problematical, since I have to set the needles down, but not a big deal. :grin:) I'm in the middle of the thumb gusset increases now, and should be up to the fingers by lunch (maybe). Not bad, seein's how I started this glove yesterday after lunch. :grin:

Well, need to get back to it......the yarn is calling my name.
Tags: blather, knitting, weaving

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