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It's raining....


Previous Entry It's raining.... Oct. 3rd, 2007 @ 08:30 am Next Entry
so it MUST be State Fair of Texas time! :grin: It *always* rains during the fair's run!

My children were little heathens last night - they got THE lecture (# 2443, I think..the one on proper behavior) and have promised (HA!) to straighten up. It lasted until breakfast (a new record! :grin:) - Herself declared she was running away and "leaving this horrid place!" (complete with head toss and dramatic exit, stage left). I followed right behind her "Great! I can rent your room out and make $100/week!", opened the front door (stupid child - she KNOWS how this works :grin:) and scooted her out. The shocked look on her face was priceless.....(why, yes - I AM just that mean. SHE's the one that declared her intention to leave...I keep telling both of them, over and over and over, don't say it if you don't mean it. I WILL hold them to it!) She came back in a few minutes later all contrite (I had forgotten to relock the front door. OH, well....:lol:)

:sigh: Other than that, it was a lovely evening - I gots me some Llama! To DIE for! It's a beautiful, russet, chestnut-y color....and oh, it's SO SOFT. Rolling around in it will commence tomorrow night (I have choir practise tonight, so have to postpone the ecstasy until then :sigh:)...it is SO SO SOFT. I'll be sampling it - I'm thinking it'll need to be carded and spun long-draw, but want to test spin it combed and flicked, as well. We'll see.......

Hair is now at 28"....2" to go to waist. :grin: Am going to try a new experiment that is taking LHC by storm......we'll see. :giggle: (And no, I won't go into it here, until I see the results...it's a bit....embarrassing :grin:)

Gotta go download some photos!
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