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Still a good day...

Lunch was very enjoyable - I got to go to Lowe's and check out fencing (I am SO easily amused! :grin:) among other things. Got to talk horses, too, which is always good. :lol:

SLOW today at work.....I've surfed until I can't stand it, I've emailed everyone I can think of something to say to.....:yawn: I probably should start "real work"...but if I do, I'll get it finished, and not have anything to do next week when Ms. boss is up here All Damn Day. :rolls eyes:

Need to start getting my stuff together for Bedford.....gotta get it ironed/washed/etc. AND I need to figure out what I'm taking to spin...I'm sure it'll be Dead again. (Llama? Could be....need to figure out the best prep first, though.....) Lots of spinning if it is. :grin:

:yawn: Think I'll take a quick nap - wonder if anyone will notice (as long as I don't snore...probably not.) :grin:
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