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Busy, busy, busy weekend...

Let's see..where to begin?

Saturday: Wove off most of a scarf, washed the floors, and set up Mom's printer (well, the sweet geek did. I watched :grin:)

Sunday: Church, then off to the Llama farm....I do NOT need a llama. My geek does, however...:evil grin: We also hit Tractor supply and Lowe's. I now have 330 feet of non-climb horse fencing to be installed at a later date. :whee:!

Today: State Fair. Whoa - my legs are's a BIG fair! Sweet geek bought me the cutest stuffed sheepie; the kids are enthralled (great news - especially after the last fiasco....this one is sane, gainfully employed, generous, and Decent. Also cute....:grin:) It was a WONDERFUL day!

Wonderful weekend, actually......I'm tired, but happy. It's.....wonderful! :grin:

Off to knit my sheepie a Jayne hat - I have some leftover yarn, might as well use it! :grin:
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