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It's Mon....wait...

Tuesday already. My, how time flies! :grin:

Legs are sore, sore, sore today - found out why the Fair was so crowded...some teeny-bopper band gave a free concert yesterday. Huh. Whatever...

We hit the pool yesterday afternoon...the kids LOVED it; me? I froze. The water was only 80*, which is NOT warm enough for *me*. No biggie - they swim like little fishies, and had a watchful eye on them the whole time, so all was good. Me? I napped on the deck. :grin: And got wet when they splashed me....or got thrown in (new game - toss Himself into the pool, wait while he sputters, then lather, rinse, repeat ad infinitum. :grin:)

Am up to the crown on my sheepie's Jayne hat. I figured out the ear holes all by myself....:preen: It'll be Cute when it's done - I think the ears sticking out of the hat with earflaps dangling will be just too, too silly. :grin: He needs a sweater, too.....

Go the Registry papers almost filled out on both fillies. The holdup is the markings - *I* can't get good pictures of the little shits. I have some on their way to me, though - soon as I download them, I'll be able to draw them on and send off everything. I finally nailed down a name for mine....the translation is "Darling of my heart", because, well, she's a sweetheart. She reminds me a lot of her maternal granddam, Charm.....let's hope she lives up to it. (I can't find a Gaelic translator that will translate what I'll actually be calling her - hey, I've been around horses the majority of my life. I KNOW what she'll end up being called: "You little shit!" "Stop it, dumbass!" among other things...:grin: For some reason, none of the online translators I've found will translate that...and the 1 Gaelic speaker I know just can't believe that I would even *consider* calling a sweet, well-bred horse something like THAT. (No, he doesn't own horses....otherwise, he'd KNOW. :giggle:)

Am already bored today - it's just me and the 'puter. :yawn: Am slogging away at it - don't want to get too far ahead, since then I'll have *nothing* to do when Ms. boss comes in......:sigh:

Started a washcloth to work on up here - I didn't dare bring the hat, as it won't take more than 30 minutes to finish it up. I didn't want to have 2 sets of needles up here. (Size 11 on the hat, and 8s on the washcloth). This one is Green (and...not mine, how'd *that* happen?) and knitting up quickly.

Got another holiday prezzie figured out......:snicker: We'll see if I can pull it off....

Lunch date today....wonder if I can run to JoAnn's to get more yarn? :twisted:

Bedford's this weekend. Tonight I get to pull out the garb and see what needs to be done (no guild - kids won't stand for it, I think). Tomorrow will be laundry, Thursday is last-ditch cleaning and bread-baking. :whew: I'm already tired! :grin: I need to clear off some bobbins for this weekend...wonder if I can get any of the llama sampled before then.....huh. Probably not....I guess I *could* haul along the handcards and spend some time carding.....we'll see. I need to see what sorts of brightly colored wool I have - that's always a big draw. Save the llama for home.....:pondering:
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