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Is it Friday yet......

'cause if not, it should be. :grin:

I spent 1.5 hours last night fiddling with a free program to upload mp3s and convert them to ringtones. It finally worked - I now have a way-cool, FREE ringtone for the sweet geek. :grin: The problem? I now want to scroll thru my iTunes and make *more* :grin:

Wrist: still swollen, still stiff. Ah, well....the bad news is that OTC pain meds are now causing I get to figure something else out. :sigh: Fun times!

Got lots of knitting/weaving/spinning to do, and can't.....gotta get the wrist back usable for this weekend. At least the spinning doesn't seem to affect the left wrist - I can (and do) spin 1 handed, long-draw style. (go, me! :grin:)

Off to (hopefully) get the *&%^*^%(&$ registration papers finalized!
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