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Happy Weekend!

Bedford this weekend - it's gonna be DEAD, I'm sure, but still - kilts and bagpipes and kilts, oh my. :grin:

Chili's in the crockpot for dinner :yum:, we have company coming over :yum: erm....:yippee: :grin: and....Mrs. boss is NOT coming in today! Break out the party hats, ya'll!

Wrist: Not as swollen today, but still ouchy. I'm half-heartedly working on the latest washcloth - an aside, I HATE cotton yarn, but washcloths are fast and easy. :hmmmmm: And the big needles (sz 8) don't hurt my wrists like sock needles do. :ponder: Might need to buy more yarn and do these for prezzies this year......:ponder:

Still loving my Ficcare - hope the next 2 arrive quickly! I still prefer my forks, but man - this is a fast and pretty way to get my hair up off of my neck.

The fillie's registration papers were sent off yesterday.....this is good. :grin: Now they're "official" :lol:

Almost done with the holiday shopping - just need 3 more things for Himself (2 if I win the current eBay auction :grin:) and 1 for Herself (drawing paper), and I'll be DONE, DONE, DONE. :whee:

Think I might go work on my website....maybe. :grin: I've got some pictures up here I could code up......
Tags: blather, hair, knitting, pets

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