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Weekend Recap

...or, all the news that's fit to share publically (since I know I have a troll, I just don't mention it often. Hi, Troll!) :grin: 1 of the Bedford Festival. :yawn: Got up early, and headed out. We got there around 9-ish, helped set up, then my sweet geek headed off (he had a class to get to). Got notice of a potential problem, so I was put back on watch :sigh:(which of course meant that I was escorted *everywhere* - I didn't mind it once my geek came back...but I hate being a burden on the rest of my family. Or my distant cousins, for that matter...); then my cousins and I had a nice chat. Shopping (what there was of it) occurred at some did mass hysteria and laughing fits. :grin:

I admired a few kilts (there honestly weren't that many there this year - I think Bedford's in it's last days, truthfully. It was Deader than Dead....there were a couple of runs, but mostly we just traded insults/compliments with our fellow clansmen).

I was gifted with a bag full of golden retreiver fur, and bribed with brownies (which I DID NOT get to indulge in.....:hmmpfh: My cousin got to them before I did :grin: (OK, I got 2)) to spin it up for her. I did - the visitors were all shocked when I'd point to the dog and say "He contributed to the cause - go give him some love, 'k?" :grin: It actually spun up nice, considering I did NO prep on it at all, just spun it straight from the baggie.

Sweet geek made it back by 1:30....we did a few walkabouts, but there just wasn't many vendors there. We left about...4:30-ish, and hit the local Italian place for dinner. Yum!

Got home, fed the beasties, then settled in to watch Serenity. :meh: a later start, since we didn't have to be there until 11-ish. We hit IHoP for a late breakfast (why, yes, I did have a driver this weekend...I enjoyed it. :grin:), then headed on out. We got there about 12-ish...and left at 3. :yawn: More dead than Saturday....very few kilts to speak of, and the weather was once again damp and dreary. The wheel stayed in the truck - I didn't want to risk getting it wet...although it didn't rain while we were there.

We listened to the game on the way home (yes, my geek is a football fan...:sigh: Oh, well - I'll get lots of spinning time during the season! :grin:), then watched the rest of it when we got to my house. (He had to lower himself to watch it on my dinky 32" screen...:giggle:) After a disappointing ending, we popped in the first episode of Firefly.....that's a good show. I like it. Serenity....not so much. Too....much packed into too little time, and too much inconsistency with the series.

So...that was the weekend in a nutshell. Probably NOT going to do Bedford's just not profitable for us. We'll see...
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