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Blah de blah de blah

So, my hair is no longer green - it's back to blonde. It's lank today, though - it usually is the day after a cassia treatment, since I don't wash it (you're supposed to let the cassia oxidize for 24 hours, so I tend to simply re-CO the next morning. CO makes for limp hair - on me, anyway). Oh, well - tomorrow I'll have nice and bouncy hair. :grin:

The blue jean Ficcare looks Marvelous, which I thought it would. I love these things - but 3 is, I think, enough :thud: (I heard that! :grin:) Forks are still my first hair toy choice, but these....ah, these are for fast and messy up-dos.

The barista today must have KNOWN how much I needed a chocolate fix - *10* pumps, with extra on the whipped cream. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm wired! :grin:

Am almost done with the present acquistion. Haven't scored the Mindstorms yet - but I will. :determined: Just need to up my limit, I think....we'll see. Himself *needs* a set. :grin:

Herself has a new project for school - she must build a model of a Mars Rover. I'm thinking "Yeah! We have this Lego Rover! And it's built! And it's accurate! Go us!" and she's thinking "Nope. Too small." :bangs head: Ah, well....we have boxes and paper towel tubes........:sigh: Must go get photos for her now.....

Bills are paid, and there's money left over - how'd that happen? :grin:

Need to get started on my Top Sekkrit Spinning Projeckt. :grin: Have the wool, have the to get going on it. It's Stay At Home spinning (much like the Alaskan wool I was gifted with this weekend - THAT is for ME. ME memememememememememememememememememe! It'll become...a shawl. I think. MINE. ALL MINE. :grin:) - must be perfect yarn for what I have in mind. :twisted:

Must go hit eBay - I have money, I have a plan, must get a Mindstorms set.
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