Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


Just got news the boss isn't coming up - break out the party hats, mama! :grin: I'm in the middle of "Tis" by F.'s good. It's not so gripping I can't knit at the same time, which makes for better reading. :lol:

I'm up to the decreases on the latest washcloth.....wrist is a bit ouchy, but not bad enough to stop. I just might get it done today...we'll see. I've been cranking them out lately...but none for *me*. Hmmmm...need to do something about *that*. :grin:

Won't be at guild tonight - no sitter, and I'm not going to subject my children on people. Ah, well....I can sit at home, with gunk in my hair :grin:, spinning for the Top Sekkrit Projeckt. :giggle: Maybe. I TV or something. (Wait - don't want to go hog wild here! :snicker:) Plus, it looks like rain. My Norwegian does NOT go out in the rain - she stayed in the truck Sunday because of the clouds. (Yes, I spoil my wheels - you would, too, if you had such nice tools!)

(Speaking of wheels - my Production wheel is currently "nekkid". Not sure where that puts it on the production front, but it's reassuring that I know (from eye-witness accounts) that Alden is working on it. Whee!)

Add to the fact that yes, my foot *does* have some broken-ness about it. It's currently taped, but still very sore.....not sure the toes are broken, but *something* is cracked. Stupid little shit....:grin: I'll keep her anyway, 'cause she's cute.

Sweet geek sent me some Lego links...Himself is in Heaven. Especially with the instructions I printed off today...he'll be building a Firefly-class ship tonight, I'm betting. :snicker:

Back to the book and wash cloth!
Tags: blather, guild, knitting, spinning

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