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Previous Entry Funny thing happened on..... Oct. 17th, 2007 @ 08:17 am Next Entry
the way into the Barn this morning. :grin: NO, it wasn't a demonspawn (for once!).......the kids ran ahead of me and LM. She and I were discussing the bunnies (or was it cats? Whatever...), and I went to open the door....*something* fell almost on top of me.

I bent over to look (stupid, I know...but I have the curiosity of a cat), and it was a wee, little, itty-bitty, barely-an-inch-long baby gecko. *Totally* cute, and totally terrified. He/she/it tried to run under the door (squish city), then tried to run UP the door (too little to get a good grip), so I caught...it, and gently carried it inside to show the resident reptile expert :grin: - that would be Herself. :bigger grin:

We all trooped outside, where I lifted the top hand to show her the wee thing, and the crazy bugger ran up my arm (yes, I screamed. It.....tickled. And startled me) Herself grabbed it (it fell on the ground in all the....confusion. :grin:) and set it loose on the wall.

I don't mind geckos - they're cute....but I don't really like them heading for my face. I'm sure this one had big, nasty, pointed teeth - and he looked hungry. :shudder:

How's that for a wake-up? :grin:

Himself and LM were totally unimpressed with the whole goings-on. Silly kidlets - they should have been more inspired, think of the stories they could tell at school! :grin:
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