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I'm wearing my horsie Birks today - they amuse me. :grin: I need to be amused today....

We're working on re-doing all the accounts in Mrs. boss's books. Fun stuff - NOT. It wouldn't be so bad, except she has no clue what we are doing (or why) and keeps protesting all the basis amounts we are putting in. :grrrrrrrrrrrr: Add to it the fact that the Financial (un)Advisor keeps changing what he wants us to do.........:bangs head:

Lunch today - we took Ms. boss out for Boss's Day. Went to Ziziki's - mmmmmmmmmmm. Lamb salad. Good stuff....and I am. Stuffed, I mean. :grin: Gotta do something for the kids tonight - think I'll be abstaining. No room! The Tiramisu was.....yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy. :grin:

Gotta go deed-diving - Fun Stuff!!!
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