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Busy, busy weekend - I need a weekend from my weekends! :grin: BUT - got the backyard mowed, the pond has been re-discovered (need to do a little more mowing there, but we ran outta daylight. Sweet geek says he'll mow more next weekend), AND we got some fencing done.

Minimal fencing, but still - we got the wrong t-posts (the new ones are too big for my setter...:sigh:) so we had to go with Plan B - we used the 2 extra round pen panels to beef up the front of Moonie's paddock, and then tighted the fence wires. Soon as we get the other t-posts, we can finish that paddock and do the other one so the boys can be moved out of the front yard, and the rest of the round pen can be used to "prettify" the front of the paddocks. (Yes, it makes sense. I am getting FAR too old to break horses, and really don't *need* the round pen, as a round pen. When it comes time to back and break both Finn (like, NOW) and Heart (2.5 years), I'll go slow and do it in the front yard. Still contained, but more room than the pen - less chance of busting my head hitting a solid steel fence.)

The new shawl is coming along. I figured out the problem - the K1P1K1 into 1 stitch keeps getting purled back together in the return row. Not just for me, but for the friend that found this pattern. Setting stitch markers has made this problem evident, and easy to avoid. (Yes, I am bored with this pattern already - and I'm only on row 5. Fun stuff! :grin:) I'll keep plugging away at it - the yarn is *perfect* for it, the colors flow (Yes, there are pics of the yarn - I just need to get them uploaded. One of these days...:giggle:).....if only the bloody pattern didn't look like...well, demon-spawn webs of doom. :lol:

Got some spinning done last night - Emerald green superwash in froghair weight. Looks like I'll need to 3-ply it to make it a realistic yarn......realistic for the project I have in mind, anyway. :grin:

Gotta go clean out my in-box!
Tags: blather, country life, knitting, shawl, spinning

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