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Previous Entry Whee! Oct. 23rd, 2007 @ 02:24 pm Next Entry
Had a lunch date today - El Fenix. Food was good, company was better. :grin: No complaints here!

Sweet geek actually admitted to wearing his Jayne hat out in public. It takes a special kinda man to do that - the hat is *so* silly! :grin: Major brownie points, there - it makes my heart sing when someone actually *uses* something I made for them. :grin: *Especially* when it's something so silly and over the top! :lol: (Of course, who am I kidding - the man willingly wears a kilt! :swoon:)

Just found out that NASA is doing a Star Wars exhibit down in Houston after the 1st of the year. Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from ROTJ is up in Discovery now and will spend time on the ISS....and will be a permanant part of the exhibit when it returns to Earth. Whoa! I know 1 little astronaut who will be excited to hear this!

I get to remove the brush hog tonight or tomorrow - the tractor needs to run light this weekend. :grin: Easier to stretch fence wire without the mower deck....
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