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Life is good!

Just got off of the phone with my sweet geek. (Yes, K, it WAS a long phone call :giggle:) :sigh: He is SO wonderful....I could go on and on for hours - but I won't. I'll keep to minutes :grin: (Besotted? Why yes, I am....for good reason!) (Plus, I needed to make a happy post - I'm busting at the seams here! :grin:)

Let's see...he made me chocolate covered cherries, for one (and they were delectable!); he made me dark chocolate-cherry cheesecake from scratch (double YUM...I had to freeze it so I wouldn't eat the whole damn thing in 1 sitting!); he voluntarily dug out my living room......

AND, he's thoughtful - he spent hours quizzing me about my hobbies, then went home and did *more* research on the 'net so he'd have a handle on what it is that I do. It's refreshing - especially since he's doing it on his own, not at my request. He bought me a pair of plaid wellies - and they are Too Cute, and Perfect! He decided the grass was too high for me to slog thru, so he mowed...and while he was at it, he rediscovered my creek and pond. :lol:

He enjoys taking me and the kids out to eat - on HIS dime, even (gee....sore spot much? I need to work on that! :lol:) In fact, that's one of the few things we've disagreed about - I have a job, and I don't think HE should pay for everything...he does. (Example - I bought t-posts today. I paid $1.50 MORE for each one than Home Despot charges...and he got upset that I had to spend MY money on t-posts for MY fence. Refreshing? Yes....and a bit hard to take, since it is, after all, my fence. Ah, well - he's cooking me dinner Saturday evening in recompense. :grin: I won't argue with that one bit, since he also cleans up after himself.)

More importantly, he doesn't get bent out of shape if I talk about someone he doesn't know - not even if that someone is Male. He is very secure about who he is and what he has.....and that is wonderful. I've had to change my preconceptions about Marines....:lol: he is NOT a sterotypical jar-head. (Thankfully!)

It helps that I've known him for years (at least 4, we think...might be longer than that). It also helps that he doesn't play games - what you see is Definately what you get with him. (After what I've been thru, that's important. VERY important) He's very...comfortable. And steady. And....:blush: *ahem* We like the same types of movies, speak the same's all good.

I'll stop there, because I promised I'd only go on for minutes, not hours. :grin: But, indeed - Life Is Good!
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