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I'm bored!

Been playing with the webpage again - remember this? Go on, refresh your memory - I'll wait.

OK, back now? *g* To see what it actually looks like in paint, check this out! *gg*

I've been messing around with pencil and crayons trying to work up some buttons for the site.....they're working up fantastically, but I have to send them off to a friend to get them converted to buttons. I'm a bit backward in that department. *g*

Does anyone out here speak canine? Of the Irish Wolfhound dialect? I really need someone to explain to the Zoey-monster that she is not, in fact, a lap dog. Especially not when said lap is non-existant because the human that posesses it is laying down on the couch trying to relax. And most definately not when the 4 year old offspring of said human is already perched on said human's hipbone.

Weaving update - I whacked out 1/2 a dishtowel this AM in the 20 "free" minutes I have in between feeding the equine-kids and starting the morning chore know, the one where I say "OK, kids, Beds, Shoes, Hair, Teeth - Now!" and they start the "Oh, NO, not NOW!! We don't have time...yadda yadda yadda". (For those of you who are currently childfree, you should know that most children only hear the 1st word of a sentance. So if, for example, I were to say "OK, kids, Make your beds, Find your shoes, Brush your hair, and Brush your teeth - Now!!" my darling li'l angels would hear "Make Find Brush Brush", realize that it made *no* sense, and go back to their early morning project of "Let's paint the bar with our orange juice and milk, and build a tower out of our ceral!" For real - ask any parent!) It was a nice way to start the morning.

I don't think Alden is going to make his EDD - Oct. 1 is tomorrow, and I haven't heard from the wheel stork. Next weekend is the Highland Games I wanted to haul it it looks like I need to fall back on Plan B - take the Scottish Castle Wheel out there. I hate taking her visiting - she's so pretty and so wonderful and so damned attractive to idiotic people who can't keep their hands to themselves. *grumble, mumble*. Not the kids - the kids I don't mind so much, because they are intimidated by me and usually just watch shyly, or ask if they can touch the wheel/wool/whatever. It's the adults, who you'd think would know better. Especially the parents of 1 demon-child a few years ago (the last time I took *this* wheel to a demo) that did his damnedest to break my wheel...his loving parents stood there smiling while the brat yanked the drive cord off (WHILE I WAS SPINNING!!), then chuckled as he tried to come around and treadle it himself.......They changed their tune, however, when I loudly proclaimed I would be issuing a bill for any damages my $4,000.00 spinning wheel incurred, and, since one of my 'cousins' was an attorney, I could draw the papers up right then to sue them. They grabbed li'l Damien and stomped off, muttering about how *rude* I was.

I mean, really! (And no, I didn't spend $4K on my wheel - it was a little over $1K. She's worth every damned penny!) Spinning wheels aren't toys, and they aren't cheap (except for the Babe Fiber Starter, and I don't really consider $100 cheap).

Hmmmm, that reminds me - I need to make up some Do Not Touch signs. Not that it'll do any least this show is a little smaller than Arlington - that one's huge and full of idiots. This one is a little more family-oriented, and the people in earlier years seemed to be blessed with brains.

Or maybe I should just wear all my sharp, pointy objects.......and declare my favorite snack is children, deep fried or char-broiled. *g*

Off to color some more buttons.....
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