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Y'know, greed isn't pretty. At isn't, in the whole scheme of things, that important.

Unless, that is, you are Mrs. boss, where Enough is NOT enough. :sigh: and :bangshead:

See, we (the Company) own Micro$oft stock. 3,000 shares, to be exact. She got a wild hare yesterday to sell off 1,000 shares - no big deal, right? Only, you'd be wrong - we sold them for $32.10/share (and we paid $26.49).....and the price shot up to $35.99 after market. Can you say "Pissed"? I knew you could!

She came in today Totally Pissed Off. At US, because...well, because that's what we're here for. :sigh: I have had Marketwatch up all bloody day, and have gotten to listen to her say "It can't drop below $35. It HAS to stay up there!", *I* can do anything about it??? She finally got up the gumption to sell another 500 shares - "But ONLY if it's above $35!"....and now she's watching the prices....and if it goes above $35.14 (which is what we sold at) she'll be even MORE pissed. At me. Because....well, just because it's obviously MY fault that she sold too soon. (And...I don't do the trading....our personal banker does. And Mrs. boss has to authorize it PERSONALLY. I don't even do the advising.....because I don't know enough (and don't want to know ANYTHING, thank

Oh, and don't you DARE mention Oil Prices right now......$90/barrell? NOT enough - we're "Barely making it right now, you know!" :bangshead: Hell, come back to me when it's back down to $40/barrell, and I'll worry *then*, OK? We manged to make a profit when oil was below *$30/barrell*, so why we are worrying NOW...I don't know. Ditto Natural gas - I remember when we were all orgasmic over $1.05/MCF's sitting at $7.45/MCF and she's UPSET. Because it's not over $8/MCF. :wants to kill something:

I swear, it's almost not worth the $$$ to me to stay here. This? Is ridiculous. It's.......greed, pure and simple, and it ain't pretty.

Oh, and now she's going off on the insurance claim for her house...WE didn't handle it properly. Erm...right. Whose house is it again? And WHO refused to allow us to help her dicuss things with the adjuster?

I need a drink.........
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