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Weekend recap...


Previous Entry Weekend recap... Oct. 29th, 2007 @ 04:47 am Next Entry
Short version - hard work, new fence, pain. :grin:

Long version:

Saturday, Finn bit me (no biggie - no broken skin, just bruises). Then, after sweet geek got here, we set t-posts. The ones I bought were cheap pieces of shit, but they work, so.....as long as he was careful when he was pounding them in, all went well. When he wasn't....well, steel *bends*. :grin: Used the tractor to pull the old t-posts - sweet geek wants all the posts to be 8' apart. The current fence....wasn't. :lol:

I punctured myself with the come-along, but all is well - small hole, nowhere near my heart.

Sunday - after church (which was potluck - sweet geek barely got any of my Challah, since...it had to be taste tested first, and none of it made it to lunch. :grin:) we got the kids settled (all 3) and worked on the fence. Got about 100' done, then we ran the no-climb horse fence. BIG job - but it looks *good*. (We'll work on it more next weekend) The fillies are pissed -they can't walk thru the new fence. :lol:

Got stabbed by a Mesquite tree....smushed my fingers with the pliers, and.....sliced my hand open when I was making cinnamon rolls. I've decided that I should not be around tools anymore.....I need to go live in a cave. Or something. :grin:

Tired, sore, achy - but we got a LOT accomplished. It was a good weekend!
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