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Huh. Looks like we may

have acquired a rodent. Well.....yeah, we've got a new pet.

See, Himself has been agitating for a hamster for a long time now. We found a cage (complete!) at the Women's shelter, G'ma bought it, and he worked off the cost....we've just been waiting for the critter ( a bad attitude and it got postponed. He's better, now..)

Well, we get to the daycare this AM, and low and behold the owner's daughter has a BUNCH of gerbils she needs to rehome. "Free" being the operative word here....I told the owner to NOT tell Himself they were free, but to make him earn one.....

When I left, they were deep into negotiations...:grin:

Yes, they're gerbils, not hamsters. *I* don't think it matters....they're both rodents. :grin:

Must go rest my hand...the slice is bleeding again. No knitting today. :sigh:
Tags: blather, kids, pets

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