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I *finally* scored a Lego Mindstorms for Himself! (Well, I found it, but sweet geek insisted on buying it. Whatever - Himself will be beside himself!) It's v.1.0, but who cares - it's only been used 2x, ALL the parts are there, and it was $120 (which is what I've been bidding - they usually go for MUCH more than that!) BIN. Whee!

The gerbils are happy - I got bedding at Petsmart at lunch today, and a liberty ball. They are tickled with it :lol: and with the chew sticks. So is Himself.

Herself is bringing her grades up - looks like I'll be getting her a lizard soon. :fun stuff:

Got our Thanksgiving plans solidified - should be fun this year. It's been requested that I bring bread and carrot cake....:evil grin: I'll probably get coerced into making cinnamon rolls, too....:lol:

Dinner's almost done - must run!
Tags: blather, kids, pets

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