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Thursday blather...

'cause I ain't got much. :grin:

Heart greeted me at the back fence this morning, demanding breakfast. She grudgingly allowed me a nose-nuzzle, then hit the bucket. She's a greedly l'il piggie! :lol:

HUMUNGEOUS spider at the daycare - it was, no shit, 3" across AT LEAST. :shudder: The kids got cursory goodbyes as I levitated out the door this morning.

The Rover has been delivered to school - safely, I hope.

My Visa card is smokin', but the Giftmas prezzies are almost all done. :grin:

Today is Mrs. boss's b-day...we're taking her to the Mercury tomorrow. Fun! (Actually, it will be - Chris Ward is an AWESOME chef (I've said it before) and the food is good. A little too pricey for me, but it's great for an occasional treat)

Saturday have a dinner date with co-worker and her hubby. Should be fun.

OooHh! Gotta share this link: - his latest CD was played on the radio this morning......imagine, if you will, Darth Vader's Imperial March......done Lounge style. No shit - I nearly laughed myself off of the road. :grin:

That's all I got for now.....:grin:
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