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It's Friday!!

I'm tired for some reason. Thank goodness it's Friday - I can sleep in tomorrow!

Had a nice chat with Herself last night. She got all bent out of shape (complete with shouts of "It's not FAIR!") because Himself is almost 1/2 finished with this current project. I kept my temper in check (I'm getting better at that!) and explained that, yes, it was fair, since he sat down almost every chance he got to weave, while she, instead, chose to watch TV, play with her toys, or sit and complain about things.

That didn't go over too well, as you can imagine. She is a 7 year old Diva (not in training, she is the full-blown Diva), and the world should revolve around her. *sigh* She immediately responded with the old "I don't have time to do this" rant....and every time I pointed out that she seemed to have time to watch TV et al, she would say the no time thing again.

After about 30 minutes (and I still didn't lose my temper, I just sat at the loom and mindlessly wove on (as did Himself)) something clicked and she decided she needed to *work* instead of complain.

Hallelujah! This is a big breakthru for her - ADD/ADHD is no picnic, let me tell you. 4 months ago, even, we never would have made it to that point - it would have degenerated into a shouting match, with her banished to her room and me to stomp around the kitchen muttering about gypsies and trolls. She's now in enough control to listen and actually plan a course of action that will achieve the results she wants.

She wanted to weave this AM, but we had to leave a bit early to get gas. (oops..I'll try to start filling up in the evenings!). She said she would sit down this evening and weave while I'm fixing dinner (which is why I didn't toss something in the Crock Pot before we sailed out the door)...we'll see.

Himself, meanwhile, has planned at least 6 more projects. Not only does he want to weave for the grandmothers, but also his teacher. He's got the yarn picked out and told me he was going to hurry and finish this one so he could do Ms. M's - the other grandmother could "just wait. I wanna do Ms. M's - she's *nice*"....I will *not* draw the obvious inference there...nope, not gonna do it. *eg*

My weaving: got another dishtowel done, but ran out of filled bobbins. I filled 3 this AM, and will fill the rest tonight so I can get back to it. There's a *lot* of warp left on that back beam.......I think I'll break from dishtowels after this warp and do the Huck Lace curtain for the studio window. By then I should have gotten my order from Camilla Valley (stupid out of stock yarn!) and can crank out stuff for *my* kitchen.

I see the Pain doc again on know it's bad when he schedules you for 1 week instead of 3, and tells you to come in if the pain isn't better in a few hours. (It wasn't, actually, but I was too tired to trek back up there after we finally saw the Orthoped. Who is also concerned and is currently discussing me with worker's comp so we can maybe get something done to the *other* nerve. Yippee....), so still no knitting. I hate having UFO's - I have an AS sweater for me (Cromarty in a Cherry Tree Hill yarn) and Himself's Tractor sweater....and need to start one for Herself. *sigh* Maybe soon.....

Oh, and I just got a call - Himself and a friend were about to hit each other, only the friend threw a toy volcano at him and hit his eye. He's OK, but the daycare wanted to tell me he looks like he went 4 rounds with Rocky. When asked what happened, Himself replied "I wanted to hit L, but *sob* HE hit me first!!*sob*" It was very hard not to crack up....They offered him a popsicle to put on it, so "you can eat it when your eye feels better" and he said "I hate popsicles!! Don't touch my EYE!!" *snicker* I shouldn't laugh....but it's *funny*.

Must get off 'puter - all this typing hurts!
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