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and we have to take Mrs. boss out to lunch. Joy! Actually, it's not that bad - except that I have to flounce around in heels today (the dress I'm wearing? Only looks good with either heels or my Birkie strappy slides - the Mercury is NOT the place for open-toed shoes this time of year..the staff would not be amused. :grin:) Ah, well...that's the price we pay, yes?

Morning was OK....I impressed LM's dad (danger! danger! :sigh:), so I need to grunge out next week to make up for it. :bigger sigh: Kids were mostly OK - probably due to the yummy smell of homemade chili that was wafting thru the house. :grin: Was mugged by Heart again - that li'l stinker has discovered that the funny monkeys are bringers of food, and if you nuzzle their arms, they'll GIVE you some. :silly:

Must go pretend to work now.....
Tags: blather, kids, pets
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