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Ugh...it's Definately MONDAY


Previous Entry Ugh...it's Definately MONDAY Nov. 5th, 2007 @ 08:53 am Next Entry
We were running late this morning...my PC refused to come up, and when it did it took it over 30 minutes to actually come up....the DSL was down....the dial-up 'puter crashed, rebooted, and crashed again....:arrrrrrrrrrrgh:

:deep breath: The kids were good this AM, I got gas with no problems..(Hey, I take what I can get! Especially today!)....I'd rather do a weekend recap. :grin:

Saturday: Light housecleaning, got the Glimakra sleyed and partially threaded. Went to dinner with co-worker and hubby (they like sweet geek. Whee!), then home and watched Hitchhiker's Guide (not bad....books are better, but the movie was a good adaptation.)

Sunday: Church (where I got into LOADS of trouble; do NOT put me and the pianist together when we are both in a silly mood! :lol:), then..instead of fencework, sweet geek decided that the dogs needed grooming. 2 hours later, I have 3 nekkid dogs. :grin: Just in time for the cold front :sigh: Honestly - they needed it. Bailey was all matted and icky, Zoey was dreadlocked, and Lucy...well, she wasn't too bad, but she got jealous. :lol: After, we watched HHGTTG again - this time With the kids. (they were out all weekend. :grin:)

We'll have LM again this weekend - Dad is doing security at the Margarita Ball (or....something.) I wanted to say no...but how do you say no to a sweet, little cherubic face? :sigh: Yes, I DO have sucker written all over me. :grin:

No boss today, so....yeah, the day is looking up!
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