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:snicker: Slow day..

today - it's just me. Co-worker has doc appts for both herself and her it's just me and the portable DVD player. :snicker: Only, I've already watched the movie......"Wild Hogs". :lol: TOO funny.....of course, with Tim Allen, it'd have to be! :snicker: (quote: "No money! Break my legs - I'm a computer programmer! I don't need legs!" "OK. Break his arms, then." "Bring the money!" :rotflmao:)

:ahem: OK....we were in bed by 7:15 last night - I LOVE the fall time change, my kids don't know what time it is and I can hustle them into bed early. They need the sleep, so it's win/win. Tonight won't be quite so early - I have to start a loaf of bread, and actually *cook* something, so it'll be a little later. Plus....we need to reup the non-redneck accents, so we have to watch a few episodes of Monty Python. :snicker: (We don't have time on school nights for real movies, so Shakespeare's out. Unfortunately.)

Might fit in some weaving tonight, too....I need to work on threading the Glimakra, but I'm thinking I can wait until the next holiday for that (it's easier with NO kids/distractions. Lots of little threads! :grin:) Have 2.5 more scarves to go - the next one will NOT be complicated - I'm thinking simple stripes. Go faster than the log cabin I'm working on now, anyway.

Heart's an impatient little shit - apparantly I took too long last night (I had to shift grain) to get the food to her, so she mugged me and wouldn't let me pass until I had paid the toll (a handfull of nummy grain). She's silly - she did it again this morning, only not so close to the garage. I need to get new pictures.......(maybe this weekend? Gotta see - I'll have 3 kidlets again, so....who knows? :grin:)

Not much else to the moment. It's gonna be a LONG day, methinks...
Tags: blather, pets, weaving

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