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A query....


Previous Entry A query.... Nov. 7th, 2007 @ 08:19 am Next Entry
LM asked me this morning for a hat. Made by Me. :sigh: What she *really* wants is Herself's current hat (the ribbing is my current icon...the finished hat is somewhere on my webpage...it's got varigated purple fair isle patterning on the screaming tequila orange background. :grin:), but Herself is adamant - NO. So...I'm flattered, but....

Do I cave and use Handspun? She claims she doesn't care what yarn or color, she just wants a "me" hat. I'm thinking...she's not mine, and I don't think "dad" knows how to care for handknits properly....so do I really want to put handspun in his hands? (Mom...is out of the picture, and has been from birth, I think. "Dad" is actually "Grandpa"...but she calls him Dad, HE calls himself Dad...so I run with it.)

On the other hand, I will NOT knit that child a hat in acrylic. :shudder: I just can't do it. But....do I really want to run out and :gasp: BUY yarn? (OK, I *might* have some wool yarn in the stash.....but honestly, I'm not sure. I don't know *what's* in my stash, to be honest.....and I certainly don't know if there's anything usable for a kids' hat. :sigh:)

So, what do I do? Or, more to the point - what would *you* do? She's sweet, if quite a bit spoiled. I'll have her again this weekend...so I could theoretically *start* a hat for her (of course, then I'd be obligated to actually *finish* the damn thing...:grin:).....but....I haven't touched *my* projects in over a week because of my wrist. :sigh: AND I have to knock out those scarves.....(Disclaimer...I don't mind the make me a hat part so much. Hats are relatively fast knits...*if* I can find bulky yarn (think I have some..not sure) I can knock one out in a few hours. It's just....should I? "Dad's" already showing an interest - and I am NOT at all interested in him at ALL. I HAVE a man, thankyouverymuch, and I am QUITE happy with him. :grin:)

:sigh: Off to work I go....
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