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Ahhh, Country Life....

As is my custom this time of year, I placed a medium-sized order with King Arthur Flour on October 18th. Not a *huge* order, mind you - I was being careful with my descretionary funds - but by no means a *tiny* order, either. 9 baking mixes, each carefully chosen to enhance our holiday eating.

The box shipped out Oct. 19th (do you see where this is going?) from Vermont, to my *wonderful* post office. /sarcasm

It was scanned as delivered to the PO on Oct. 25th.

Have I received it yet? Oh, Hell no - it's.......well, I don't know *exactly* *WHERE* it is, but I do know where it isn't - in my hot little, ready-to-bake-yummy-stuff hands.

So, yesterday I emailed the bakery. (They are a WONDERFUL outfit, I mean it - the ONLY place I'll EVER buy flour from...and most of my mixes. Sublime isn't the word here - excellent doesn't even cover it. :grin:) Got a response - "It was received. Here's your tracking #, let us know if they can't find it"

I called my Post Office. Incompetent, anyone? His first response - "Didn't you get a Key?" "Ummm, yeah, but not for THAT package. I order a lot of stuff, y'know." So, he "looks". Nope - they never got it. Only, yeah - HERE's the tracking number, doofus.

"OH. Well, see, WE didn't receive it. They shipped it Fed Ex, and THEY have it. THEY scanned it in on the 25th, keep 'em for some reason, and they...they.....yeah! They shrink-wrap 'em to a pallet for delivery here, only they haven't delivered it yet, don't know *why*, but that's what they do, and it can take up to 10 days to go from the Distribution Center to Here. So, yeah - FED EX has it!" said with a triumphant-sounding voice. (Let's see...10 days from the 25th....would have been Monday, Nov. 5 - AT THE LATEST. STILL don't have it)

I called King Arthur back. Her response? A little nicer than mine...but still boiled down to "Oh Hells no!" :snicker: (Basically, No Fed Ex, just regular USPS. The scanned confirmation says it's at the local PO...NOT the Fed Ex Distribution Center. :hah:)

The upshot? She is resending my box, to me, only here at the office instead of my oh-so-competent post office. IF my original box ever shows up, I am to refuse delivery......

Sure hope I have it by next week - I gots lots of baking to do!
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