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It's Thursday!

Whee! 1 more day........

Late night last night - it was choir practise. It actually went pretty quick - once we nailed down the anthem for the Thanksgiving service, we were pretty much done (3 songs....3 more Sundays in for me! :lol:) Add 1 more song for the first Sunday in Advent, and we were good to go. :lol:

Hard time driving home, though - I don't do well in the dark, especially when I'm tired. :sigh: Especially when there's deer, and cows, and other assorted critters on the road....:sigh: AH,'s only for a few months, yes?

Came home to the news that there was (another) scorpion in the house :shudder: I am terrified.....gotta call Orkin again. :sigh:

Massive wreck this AM on the way in....we managed to avoid it, but..traffic sucked. We did get to do the scenic route, though, and I got to see my favorite-ist house in the State - a French Castle. It's cool, and I LOVE how it looks - I could stare at it all day long.

Must find something to do...Mrs. boss is on the phone, and may not come in until after lunch. :whee:
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