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Weekend madness, indeed. Cut for to spare my friends' pages...

Saturday: Had LM, so madness ensued. She's hit the "stool pigeon" stage, and provided running commentary on *everything* my 2 did. :sigh: Kids rooms DID manage to get tidied (a bit, anyway), due to a judicious amount of threats on my part - NO LUNCH (or any food at all) until some form of cleaning occured. I need to remember that one! :grin:

Burned my hand (left, naturally) while trying to remove a loaf of bread...which set the tone for the rest of the weekend (aka "Weekend of attempted death and dismemberment")

Sweet geek took us to the Museum of Asian Art Saturday afternoon - it was cool. The coolest part, to me, was that pottery *really* hasn't changed a lot over the centuries - I have a hand-thrown mug with almost the same glaze pattern/color as an early Japanese bowl. :awe: Some of the Indian/Pakistanian wood carvings were just *incredible* was neat.

After, we went to Spaghetti warehouse - good food, better company. :wink: I proceeded to cut my hand (left, again) trying to get some bread sliced. I was summerarily removed from KP duty at this point. :grin:

And, since it was the Marine Corps' birthday (232 years - how well it's aged! :grin:) I baked a cake. Chocolate with Coconut-pecan icing.....I could get used to this! :lol:

Sunday did NOT start out well - I slipped in the shower. I now have a *very* lovely (NOT) bruise on my right hip the size of the bottom of a VO5 conditioner bottle (yes, I measured. :sigh:) I also have bruises up my left leg, and on my right arm (I am very talented, yes I am). My right shoulder is stiff now.....:sigh: I had to have help getting up.....NOT because of the pain, but because I was laughing SO HARD (c'mon, when was the last time *you* slipped in the shower? For NO reason??? It was funny! :grin:) Good news: I didn't BREAK anything (this time) - hey, I take what I can get! :lol:

Church...OK. Not great - the sermon was so-so, but it wasn't offensive, and I didn't hear anything I could object to (came close...but I can't marshal an arguement, so I won't bother). Sweet geek took us to a "new" Mexican restaurant (new to us - it's been open about 2 years now, I think), then home for more cake. And fence-fixing.

Thought we had the holes plugged....but Starz is out AGAIN this morning, and I don't know how. I'm gonna go check it in a bit.....:sigh:

Sat and listened to the game - Sweet geek watched it, I spun to it. Got 4.2 oz of Indigo/Coreopsis wool spun up. I'll ply it today, and start on a hat. His Jayne hat is cute and all, but it's.....COMMERCIAL yarn, and he's progressed beyond that, I think. :twisted:

Today is the observation of Veteran's Day - to all you Military folk out there, Thank You.

I'm off - gotta go buy horse feed and try to rustle up some Arnica gel for my hip.......I wanted to nap the day away, but it ain't gonna happen. Too sore.
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