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I need a holiday from my Holiday! :grin: On today's schedule (in no particular order):

Got the grain (only 6 bags - I decided I didn't need to drive all the way into Dallas for feed when the "local" store had 8 bags in stock of virtually the same thing.)

Did 2 loads of laundry

Plied and washed the green yarn - it came out *worsted* weight! Huzzah! (I....don't normally spin that bulky. This is wonderful! :grin:)

Hit the local Women's shelter's store; scored 3 dresses and 2 pairs of slacks for me, and a winter coat for Himself

Grabbed the kidlets and hit the shoe outlet ($110! OUCH!) - they needed new shoes, and Thrallmart's shoes are only lasting 6 weeks. Hopefully, these will last until they're outgrown..:fingers crossed:

Found my fence pliers (huzzah!)

Tidied the kitchen

Hit the Dollar store for some necessary stuff....

Grabbed cheap dinner at Taco Bell

Came home and Sat Down. :whew:

I did try to catch a nap, but my hip is too sore.....hope I can sleep tonight!

Can't wait to go to work tomorrow to rest! :grin:
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