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I take it back...

what I said about unemployement. :sigh:

We just got a note from the bank (sounds like JPMorganChase). We (that is, Ms. boss) had said "NO MORE MEETINGS" and has been squawking that she is going to pull out all her accounts......and apparantly the bank figured out that she means it. :snerk:

So...the note today? "We are having a meeting Thursday, and would like Ms. boss to be there if possible. We are going to discuss the management of *company I work for* and would like for Cyn to NOT BE THERE due to the sensitivity of the management discussion"

Our reaction? Oh, shit - we're outta here! Ms. boss's reaction? You can't say that - WE don't know that's what they want to discuss. :snort:

Yeah..right. Uh huh - they see the writing on the wall, and want to make sure that they will get a piece of the action - if they put themselves in as managers, there's nothing she can do - even if she pulls her accounts, THEY are still in charge of the company. (And, c'mon, their track record with us SUCKS, and they won't is she really stupid enough to think that they'll look out for her? Right....and I have some ocean-front property in Arizona I'd like to sell you.)

So.....I may get to be a stay-at-home mom sooner than I ONLY concern is my tax bill. That's what the holiday bonus is for...they fire me now, I don't get it. (Of course, they fire me now and don't offer it, I am within my rights to sue over it - we had an attorney tell us that when we were going to fire a co-worker many years ago. So....anyway, it still sucks.)

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