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Lazy Weekend

Himself's eye is fine - there is a very very small cut at the outside corner, and he looks like a lopsided raccoon, but he's fine. He told me he was going to hit L, but L. threw the volcano and it hurted. And he cried. Then they gave him a giant tootsie roll, and it was all better. *g* Gotta love 4 year olds!

Haven't gotten much weaving in - we're having a late B-day party for my brother tomorrow, and I've spent the day - No, not cleaning, who do you think I am??? - painting my laundry room. It's almost finished - the door going into the house is done, the socks are done.....I just need to add the final critter. I'll try to get pics and upload them early this week - might not be until Wednesday, we're busy, but I'll see what I can do.

My order shipped from Camilla Valley I hope to have new yarns to play with soon. Gotta get the never-ending dishtowels off the loom so I can!

Oh, and I got my Angel Wings Thursday, and I want to use them! I think they'll help me keep these warps straight!

Dinner's ready - must run and feed the crew!
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