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Parenting Sucks...

especially when you've spelled out the consequences, and the kid goes and does it *anyway*.

This time? The glasses - again. I *just* replaced them (what is this - #7, now?) Aug. 28. Himself tried to tear them up Saturday, and I spelled it out for him - damage the glasses, and the gerbils buy the farm. (I wanted to name them Entree and Hors'doerve, remember?) He got all upset, I mean - UPSET, upset..cried for almost an hour, begging me not to do it. I simply pointed out - hey, YOU don't damage the glasses, the gerbils will be fine. *I* won't be the one doing anything to the gerbils, YOU will be. He said fine, he understood.

Right. Yesterday, he broke his glasses (where the nosepiece attaches to the lens) then, to further prove it wasn't an accident, he pounded the scratch-resistant (NOT Scratch PROOF, mind you) lenses into the sidewalk. Oh, they are a *mess*. DEEP scratches - one of them almost goes all the way thru the lens - and bent, scratched, and broken metal frames. (They are the bendables..but bendables only bend so far before they become breakables. :sigh:)

Himself's reaction? Ho-hum. Oh, well. Even when I pulled the gerbils out of his room, he was stony faced.....until they disappeared into my room (had to do SOMETHING with them......I, despite popular belief, simply can't bring myself to kill/maim/injure an innocent animal, let alone 2). THEN, all hell broke loose.

2 hours later, it comes out that the ex had said some things to him that he belived (things such as "You're such a worthless kid - no one would care if you died!" and "You're such a baby - you'll never amount to much"...and this was corroborated by Herself, so I feel pretty sure it's true. :sigh:) It's hard to do damage control when you have NO IDEA of what you're up against. (Yes, the ex is mentally ill. THAT is no excuse for this sort of shit - if I was a more violent person, I would be donning my hunting gear right now, but honestly - he's not worth the lead and powder it would take to put him out of our misery. HE's the worthless one - NOT my children. /rant over)

So now, I gotta figure out what to do with the rodents - they HAVE to go, I have to keep my word, but I can't just turn 'em loose. Guess I'll be hauling them up to the pet store or something. :sigh:

This is JUST what I needed on top of the work situation. :sigh:

At least Sweet Geek is sane and mentally stable. He's doing what he can to help out - for which I am eternally grateful. Himself likes him, so that's a plus......:sigh: I have no clue where to go from here.

ETA: I finally got ahold of the school councillor - she's not worth the time it would take to remove her from this mortal coil. Worthless.....totally *worthless* :shakes head:
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