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Yesterday was busy! A couple of my friends and I had planned an informal stitch-n-bitch, so I got up a bit early and started getting the space clean enough to sew in. Decided an hour later that my front yard really needed to be got on the Kubota and went to town.

To digress - I *love* my Kubota. Mid-sized, honest to God tractor, with a 48" bushhog. Cut my 1 acre front yard in a little over 30 minutes. I just need to remember that just because the bushhog fits doesn't mean the front-end loader will.

So, got finished,then took Zoey the wonder puppy for a walk. Well, she walked, I was drug. Good exercise, though, for both of us.

Back home, a few minutes before S showed up. (Other friend got tied up - she owes me. ) We yakked a bit, then looked at fabric and design ideas....then jumped into the leather pile. We drew up her bodice, then I cut it out. )I had thought she wanted me to do the tooling - that's cool, I enjoy it - but no, she decided she wanted to do it. Another convert! She did a *really* good job, especially for her first time.) We then taped my feet so I can get started on my boots, then broke for lunch.

After eats, I showed her the tools and gave a quick explanation of each, then she started. Very nice - she even got it finished!...but after about an hour we decided we needed more leather. So, Off to Leather Factory we go.

That was a took $200 to get us out of there. We found the perfect golden yellow cowhide to trim my boots and make her a bodice. The remnant box had the perfect shade of steel green...which made immediately see another bodice and pouches. Add to the pile more coin pouches for the VBS program.....and you see where my money goes. Lots of nice leather...I will be back. Soon.

The funniest thing, though (besides the sight of both of us diving head-first into the remnant box trying to grab the elusive green) was Dairy Queen on the way home. S treated us both to blizzards...and the lady there was, shall we say, country. Very. "Ya'll want this singularly or togetherly?". The blizzards were great, but.....I ordered a small and she made me a a small cup. Ditto for S's med in a lg cup. We were dripping all over the place! Too, too funny.

Got home a few minutes before the kidlets - much enjoyment there. Himself is a little man, now, and Herself is very much the young lady. They had to show me everything they did, exclaim over the new color scheme, check out what we were doing...all in the first 5 minutes. S had to leave, so they had to jump up and tell her bye and be careful and all the other stuff young'uns do to delay the inevitable.

They finally settled down.....I'm glad they're home. It'll take awhile to readjust - I had gotten almost used to the quiet, they had definately gotten used to being spoiled.

Must start breakfast before they wake up
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