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It's Friday...

and I still have a job (at the moment, anyway! :wink:) Our attorney wrote a very....nice but threatening letter yesterday. We'll see what happens. I didn't sleep at all last night, so tonight I am planning on hitting the bed early. :yawn:

The indigo/coreopsis yarn is dry, balled, and ready to go. I'm CO'ing the hat now - I had the ribbing started, but I used size 9s, and..the fabric was a bit sleazy. NOT what you want in a hat! :grin: I've started over on size 7s; the fabric was perfect but 88 stitches wasn't quite enough, so this time I'm doing 96. I'm getting 5 stitches per inch; on a 23" hat I need 115, but I want it to be a bit snug. PLUS, the last CO attempt I used a long-tail, and there was enough of the tail left out of the 88 stitches to give me there ya go. (Quick hint: To figure out the length you need for the long tail, measure the "finished" diameter (in this case, 23"), then measure out the same 2 more times. (so...23" x 3, basically.) In all the cases that I've done this, the item has fit perfectly, with very little "waste" at the end of the CO...:grin:)

This is some of the bulky-est yarn I've ever managed to spin - yes, I have pictures, but they're still in the camera. :grin: The 9s created the perfect sweater fabric, the 7s are making great hat/mitten fabric, and 5s would make for perfect (if heavy) boot socks. LOVE this yarn - LOVE it. I'm hoping I have enough left from this hat to make *me* something - the color is *perfect*, the yarn is snuggly soft........I've very pleased with it (I had 4.2 oz of roving, so......I'm thinking I'll at least get a Calormetry out of the leftovers. Go me! :grin:)

Got the Turkey-day plans all firmed up - slight change, but not much. We're only gonna hit 1 household instead of 2; the other will be done over the weekend (or so). I still have lots of baking to do - challah bread, carrot cake, cinnamon I'll be a busy beaver, but I like to bake. I like watching the baked goods get consumed even more. :grin:

Back to the hat....for now. :grin:
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