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Busy Weekend.... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About Busy Weekend....

Previous Entry Busy Weekend.... Nov. 19th, 2007 @ 08:43 am Next Entry
so..here's the recap :grin: :

Got the log-cabin scarf woven off, and the loom re-warped for a green pebble-weave one. It'll go fast - it's a one shuttle weave. Then I have 1 more to go: Red and Black check. Fun stuff!

Had to replace Himself's glasses (again)....$89 this time for the replacement cost (25% of the original purchase price - OUCH). Sweet geek and he had a long discussion about this...the gerbils are still around, and Himself is restricted from video/computer games for.....well, I dunno how long. :grin:

Home again, where Sweet Geek made dinner (chicken wings - Yum! AND he cleaned up after himself...I'm keeping him! :grin:)

Got the hat finally started for realz - I'm done with the ribbing and working my way up the stockinette now. Mindless knitting...which is good, since my brain is out wandering around.

Sunday was busy - 2 church services, so not much time to do anything during the day. Starz has learned how to lead - Whee! Kids were.....not too bad. Our church food drive brought in 987.5 POUNDS of food (in 3 weeks!!) - the youth won by a small margin. (Whoa - THAT'S a lotta food!) Sweet Geek took some pictures of the pile o'food.....we were all *very* impressed with the total.

The evening service was good - the Baptist church hosted, we provided the service. Our choir sounded damn good (I can say that! :grin:), and.....I've had to add another name to the list of people I can NOT sit next to in church. :lol: They get me into too much trouble....and I can get myself into trouble just fine, I don't need the help! :grin: One of the problems? Pastor kept discussing Beer....at the Baptist church. :snicker: *BEER*. :lol:

This morning wasn't too terrible - Herself was a brat, but straightened up at the daycare; Himself was good for the most part.
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