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:hmpfh: Well...

looks like I'm on Ms. boss's shit list today. She snarked at me ALL BLOODY DAY. About Nothing. :sigh: Some days..........:deep breath:

Oh, well - I'm at the point I anymore.

Today? We had done a Gigantic spreadsheet with all the charges the bank has hit us with; we hadn't updated it since July. No biggie - Cyn discovered that somehow or other we had missed 1 page of charges on the July 31 statement. NO BIG DEAL - the bank doesn't have this sheet, and we haven't updated it since July 31, so, y'know, whatever.

She informed me that she was surprized, since "You're always pointing out everyone else's mistakes." WTF???? I have no clue WHAT she meant by that...but that was just the start. Didn't matter that *I* suggested we update the stupid spreadsheet, or that *I* set up another spreadsheet to track what one of our vendors owes us.....*I* am the stupid one today. :shrug: (It also doesn't matter that I *always* own up to my mistakes, and get right on correcting them. And putting stuff in place so I won't make the same mistake again.)

She's gone now, so........I can breathe and get her outta my system. Tomorrow it'll be Cyn's day to be on the list, and I can roll my eyes at her. :grin:
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