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:Yawn: TGI.....F?

erm, W! :grin:

Last night was fun. The college had set up the photos and artwork like it was a snooty gallery; there was a "chamber orchestra" (umm...yeah. More on that later), and finger foods. The photos (which were what *I* went to see :grin:) were well displayed - nice lighting, similar frames/matts, nice mix of b&W/color, abstract/portrait etc.

The artworks...some were to my taste, some...were not. All were well-executed, and well received.

The "orchestra"....OK, I have to confess. I was a musician. A damn good one, if my tutors, accompaniests and directors were telling the truth...this group? Not. :shudder: I'm being generous when I say I think they were 2nd year students (NOT 2nd year COLLEGE students, but *2nd* year total.). Everything was played SLOW (Scarbourgh Faire? SO SLOW that I barely recognized it....) and OUT OF TUNE. :shudder: The upper registers in the violin sections were totally hit or miss; the cellos couldn't keep the lower registers together for love or money, and the piano tried, but couldn't hide the fact that the strings just weren't quite ready for a debut. (And it's not just my opinion......Sweet Geek actually winced a few times - and he freely admits to NOT being musical at all. (He lies, but.....I won't argue. Yet. :twisted:))

I tried to wince quietly, but sometimes I just couldn't. NOBODY was in tune with anybody else.....:sigh: "Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairies" pushed me over the edge.....there's not a ballerina alive that could have danced to that mockery. :shudder: I'll quit now....but I HAD to put on WRR the minute we got back to the truck to remind myself of WHY I love my violin so much (even if I can't play fingers and ears still remember. Unfortunately for me in times like this...)

I hope today is slow at work - I am beat. In fact, I look so bad (apparantly) that the barista at Starbucks upped the mocha for me (*12* pumps this morning...usually it's 8. I must REALLY look wiped.) without me even asking. (Why yes, I AM buzzing now, why do you ask? And why is the room all bendy? And sparkly? :grin:)

Tonight I get to run home, fire up the 2 breadmakers (I borrowed Sweet Geek's) to whip out tomorrow's challah bread and cinnamon rolls, and whip up a carrot cake. I farmed the pecan pie out on my mother (I have *5* pounds of FRESH pecans........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. FRESH Pecans.) so I don't have to mess with *that*, as well. Tomorrow will be different than the past, but nice - I like Sweet Geek's family, they like me, so all will be well. And they adore children and haven't had any around in *years*, so that'll be fun, too.

Must finish the hot chocolate....:grin:
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