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It's my party....

well, actually, it was my brother's B-day party, and the food was good, the company congenial, the kids...well. They were themselves, which, if you know them, you know means wild and unruly and heathenistic. *g* Himself hadn't seen my brother in a bit, and he's male-company deprived, so he took full advantage of the situation. (That's one of the few reasons I would even consider looking for a man, y'know?)

The menu was spaghetti, with meat and mushrooms (and 1 head of garlic - yum!), salad, with fresh bread. Dessert was Chocolate Fudge cake with Fudge icing - I sent the leftovers home with my brother. No temptation here, thank you!

Did I mention my laundry room was done? It is, and I need to get pictures. It turned out great! Now, to figure out the kids' bathroom.....I'm thinking fish. That should grow with them, unlike the Winnie the Pooh that's in there now. At least I hadn't already painted the wall....

Finished 1 more dishtowel. I'm beginning to think that this warp will *never* end.....but I'm still enjoying weaving it off. I think changing the treadling every 2 inches is helping me stay amused. *g* I did 1 towel with the same treadling was ok, but I was glad when I hit the last inch. I'll probably do at least 1 more similar to it (different treadling order, though - gotta keep them all different!)

Finished spinning all the Shetland last Monday, but I need to ply it. I think I'll do that tomorrow at Ballet....I don't feel like digging out any more roving. I need to dig something out for this weekend - but I'll do that Friday. I might just dye the Columbia my pastor gave me, then drag it and my handcards to the games. It carded up pretty quickly.......*thinking* Since I was asked to demo, but can't go to the fiber-area this weekend (there's only 2 of us committed to doing the tent (and we should be committed, but that's a whole 'nother story!), I can't leave to do a formal demo with the other fiber artists.) that would be a good thing, but it can be boring for audiences. They like to watch the wheel go 'round. I'll probably card up some to start out with, then keep my supply up while there. Too bad it's too late to do any dying tonight......and tomorrow's out, because of ballet....guess I'll dye it up Tuesday and hope it dries.....F' it - I'll go ahead and set up the dyepot *now*.

Gotta run!
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