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Wow, is this thing on?

:grin: Thanksgiving weekend was great, but my PC is DOA. Well, that's not entirely true - the PC is powering on, but the monitor refuses to actually, y'know, SHOW anything. :pbbbbt:

Anyway, it's long (*4* days worth! :grin:) so I'll use cut tags. Fasten your seatbelts - it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Thanksgiving day. Nice, cold, but started out dry. We went to Sweet Geek's family - 18 all together. Food was *great*, company was *fantastic*, and I got to see his new kilt. :grin: Marine Corp tartan.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It's yummy. *ahem* distracted for a minute there. :blink: We took his aunt and my mother, and hauled along a loaf of fresh challah, shortbread cookies, pecan pie (mom made that), chocolate chip cookies (mom, again) and carrot cake. We brought back part of the pie and maybe 8 shortbread cookies. And a bunch of the chocolate chip cookies - there was a HUGE spread, and the cookies were just extra. :grin: It did snow a wee bit on us, but all-in-all it was *great*. We left a bit early to get his aunt home - she doesn't like leaving the dog inside for too long. :grin: We picked up his new kilt and headed back home.

I had some good conversations with friends - especially those that tried to help during my....mistake. Not that I needed the validation, but it's always nice to know that you're NOT making shit up, y'know? :grin:

Black Friday. We got up early and headed out at 5 AM - down to Houston. Clear Lake, to be exact. NASA has a Star Wars exhibit up now - it's nothing fancy, but they have Luke's ROTJ lightsaber on display (it went up in Discovery on the last trip to the International Space Station), and a X-Wing with a R2 unit. Himself thought it was cool.

Sweet Geek hadn't been before, so we got to do the things my kids have done and are bored with (they got corrected for it, and finally straightened up. It was touch and go for a bit though...) He got *tons* of pictures of the Starship Gallery, we looked at Moon Rocks, and we went on the "Blue" tour (the one that goes to Mission Control). He got a bunch of shots at Rocket Park, but his batteries died when he went outside the Saturn V building to get photos of the other rockets on display.

It was COLD, but not too wet Friday. We got to NASA at about 9:30, and by 2 were ready to find the hotel. We did a little exploration of Clear Lake (I had NO IDEA that there were so many cool places to go! Borders books! Who knew? :grin:) Dinner was Black-Eyed Pea, then we crashed at about 7 PM.

Saturday dawned dark and wet - rain. Not just rain, but COLD rain. Ugh. We hit NASA again (we charged the batteries Friday evening, and Sweet Geek wanted to get a few more photos)....but we didn't get to take another tour, due to the weather. We did get to do another movie - and we learned about the current ISS configuration and the next shuttle launch (they had just finished a 12-hour spacewalk when the discussion started - we got to see footage of that) - it was cool. We didn't get the photos, but we'll run down again when the weather is a bit...nicer. :grin:

We went to the Kemah boardwalk for lunch - the Aquarium Restaurant. Good food, and the fish kept the kids (and Sweet Geek :grin:) enthralled. Hit Stingray reef after - he got some cool shots there, too. (Especially when the Ray came up and splashed...or when one of the ran UP the side of the tank and tried to climb out after the fish I was holding. :grin:) We hit Half-Price Books, but only browsed..the kids were being snarky, books for them! (or us....wise move on my part, let me tell you!)

Then - THEN, Sweet Geek showed me how wonderful he really is. :sigh: I had left my knitting at home - it was going to be a full weekend, and I didn't forsee any free time to knit (yeah, I know - but seriously. My wrist needed a rest, and we had planned things pretty solid). Friday evening it looked like rain, he had bought me the Yarn Harlot's newest book, and I was getting a bit twitchy. SO, he took me to a yarn store. 10 miles out of our way. In an out-of-the-way place. AND he didn't mind standing around while I communed with the yarn(s). I ended up only grabbing 3 skeins (his aunt likes red....and he suggested a scarf. NO Problem! :grin:) and 2 sets of needles (size 7 in ROSEWOOD (because I'm worth it :lol:), and more size 1 DPNs). He also (My oh my, he is SO Sweet!) found me a Hobby Lobby when I realized that the 7s weren't large enough for the yarn, and felt bad and didn't want to run back down to the shop....I ended up with 11s and the scarf is 2/3rds done. :lol: Yes, I'm smitten....:grin:

We hit Ben & Jerry's, then Fry's (only fair - he didn't mind browsing yarns, I can knit and browse electronics :grin:) - this one was set up like NASA. :grin: The kids were bored, but hey - *I* was amused! :lol: All in all, it was a great day. We were back at the hotel by 5, and stayed in the rest of the evening. Cartoon Network was running...something, and I had yarn. And books. :grin:

Sunday dawned wet and cold AGAIN. No biggie - we checked out at 9 and headed home. It rained the whole way - we had a safe trip, but got caught behind an accident. Some idiot rolled his truck. No ME vehicle, so he survived the wreck, but we sat for about 45 minutes while they cleaned it up. (C'mon, wet streets, low visibility - drive SLOW. And pay attention!) We amused ourselves by watching idiots try to do a "Texit" across the (wet and muddy) median, and laughing when they got stuck. :lol:

We made it home about 2:30, and crashed. Sweet Geek decided to clean....which is great, except now my PC is acting up. :lol: No big deal - I'll have him look at it next weekend. :grin: Watched "Amazing Grace" - *great* movie, BTW, then hit the hay.

I need a vacation from my vacation! I'm pooped - and I didn't do any of the driving! :grin:
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