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:Yawn: Is it Friday yet?

Rough night. Kept waking up because of strange noises - I *know* why it's happening, it's nothing to worry about, it's just *me*. I know what I need to do to "fix" it - it's nothing major. (Just noting it here for my records - no fretting. Honest!)

Did a honey treatment last night....and didn't wash it out until this morning :oops: :grin: Was too tired by the time the sun went down - today? My hair is Super Soft, Super Moist, and the highlights are dazzling. :grin:

Ms. boss is taking me out for my birfday....but I don't know about it yet. :big grin: Probably the Mercury...whee. The office party is the 18th....which means BONUS time. :whee: We know it'll be at least what it was last year, which means I get a whole-house water filtration system this year. :huzzah: Our water sucks......but that's what you deal with when you're on a small Water Supply Co-op. The water softener has helped a great deal, but I'm still getting sediment - and the WSC says we have "no problem, even though our contaniment levels are a bit high". :sigh: Right.

Vacation scarf is almost completed. I'm aiming to finish it today - but probably won't. Wrist is acting up....ah, well. There's no rush to get it done, I just want to move back to wool. And my rosewood needles. :grin:

Tonight Sweet Geek is taking my picture. He needs to do a portrait for his class assignment, and I'm the guinea pig. Hope I don't break his camera - it's a nice one. :grin: The plan is for my AA Scottish Wheel to be in it, too....I always like showcasing AA's work. :grin: (Keep telling myself it's all about the wheel, and I'll be OK. It's all for AA.....right? Right. :grin:)

Herself is SO Disorganized...I don't know what to do with her. Himself brought the school pictures home last night (they're cute..wish he'd smile, but oh well.) and I asked about hers. "Oh." she said "I lost the form in my backpack, so...we missed them. :shrug:" I lost it. Completely and totally *lost* it...and ended up scouring her current backpack. *1* FULL trashbag later (and this is a KITCHEN SIZED BAG, you understand), her backpack is neat and school-ready. Unfortunately, it'll be back to normal by tomorrow night...that child is SO messy it isn't funny. Her daddy was the same way, so she comes by it naturally...but, ugh. I've put on the schedule that I need to scour it out every Friday afternoon. :sigh:
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